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Dell Should Stay Public, Buy BlackBerry

PC's are dying - it's no longer just imminent. This is why Dell (DELL) feels it need to go private so it can re-evaluate its future while being shielded from public scrutiny.  Whether or not this works, remains to be seen.

However,  the company should consider another route - buy BlackBerry (BBRY), which has recently unveiled its new phones on its new BB10 platform. It's not as crazy as it sounds. And if Dell doesn't (at least) consider it, the company is not doing exploring all options to return value to shareholders as it claims.

The company needs to shift focus and rethink its strategies. It needs to make a move to remind Wall Street that not only does it still have the competitive spirit, but it is determined to take back that which was stolen from it – its growth.

What's more, Dell will be making a statement in the mobile device market and planting its feet in the ground to compete head-on with  the likes of Apple (AAPL)Google (GOOG) while also firing a revenge shot at its OEM partner, Microsoft (MSFT).

There's  too much weakness in its mobility division to avoid this deal.  Even more concerning is the fact that revenues actually dropped 14 percent annually when combined both desktops and laptops. Until then, it would be hard to consider these shares attractive even at such depressed levels as they are likely not going anywhere for a while.

Besides, it is time for Dell to change the conversation. Not only would BlackBerry  make the story more interesting, but it can potentially signal the next chapter in Dell’s lackluster growth.


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