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What Is Google Really Thinking This Time?

As much as I want to give Google (GOOG) the benefit of the doubt here, it just seems that this deal with Sirius XM (SIRI) is another example of where Google tries too hard to go "tit-for-tat" with Apple (AAPL)Google sometimes fail to realize that Apple is taking it on a wild goose chase.

While this might be a good thing for Sirius XM, as this licensing deal will certainly be another revenue stream for the company, Google, on the other hand, needs to remember that there was a reason why the broadcast networks were never too enamored with the original idea of a Google TV.

It is remarkable how Google constantly tries to be everything that Apple is. And in the process, the company always appears unsatisfied and refuses to acknowledge when it has gone too far out of its circle of competence. The result is often a distraction that translates into spending R&D money and resources where it shouldn't: Google+ is a prime example.

The company often forgets just how dominant it is, not only in search, but also online advertising, smart phones, tablets as well as cloud computing. While the company plays second fiddle to nobody, sometimes I believe Google maneuvers with the mindset of a startup by constantly seeking to expand its circle of competence -- if not to compete with Apple, but also Microsoft (MSFT) and now Facebook (FB).


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