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How To Share Your Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping With Family Members

picture of location of where to sign into Amazon Prime membership management

If you're like many households, you have more than one user buying from Amazon and selecting two-day Prime shipping. During the holidays, birthday's, and other events, it can become problematic to keep the recipient of your gifts from finding out what you bought. Between emails that Amazon sends for each order and the order history, you can never be sure. I know from my own household that my wife found out about some gifts I bought her because her email account was the one Amazon Prime was sending order emails to. During the holdiays, which is also the same time of our wedding anniversary, I went into her Amazon account and changed the email address until she opened her gifts. Fortunately, there's a better way. The good news is Amazon Prime allows users to share their Prime membership with up to four people, so that they can order on their own accounts, while receiving the same free two-day shipping. While the Prime membership is on my wife's account, I added my own Amazon account through the following process: Read the rest of the article at

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