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The Funniest Edward Snowden Interview You May Ever See

Edward Snowden's face while being interviewed by John Oliver in Moscow

Edward Snowden, love him or hate him, John Oliver does a good (albeit funny and not child appropriate due to language) job of explaining what the NSA and other dark agencies are able to do and have done.

Americans value their privacy, and yet, maybe they only think they do. One has to wonder how many actually take the time to become informed and does it matter? Knowing what the government does, and being able to do something about it is two very different things. There's also the lingering question of how much did the revelations hamper the government's ability to collect useful information. Of course, even the term "useful information" can be subjective when placed into the context of the empire's priorities.


Watch the video (not work appropriate for most), and judge for yourself if naked pictures of your family in the hands of the government is an acceptable price to pay to maintain our spy infrastructure. 

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