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"The world of investing, particular the road that leads from Wall Street moves fast. You have to be a sprinter just to keep up with the pace. Even then there are no guarantees of success, because once you think you've caught up, you're often too out of breath to see clearly."

--- Unknown frustrated investor

StockSaints was founded by Robert Weinstein and Richard Saintvilus on the premise that every investor deserves a level playing field. To that end, StockSaints is working diligently to become a leading platform for investment research.

Our goal is to provide actionable insights to investors, business professionals, and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the highs of the bull markets and lows of bearish environments. Our premium newsletter covers a broad array of stocks consisting of various asset classes, ETFs and investment strategies.

Our articles come from actual investors and industry experts that actually have "skin in the game." We take pride in being there with you – helping our readers to achieve their investment goals. We believe that being in the trenches with you separates our content from sites that offer buy/sell recommendations using opinions from sell-side analysts.

Whether free or fee-based, online or offline, our readers are able to profit from the various types of content and research that we offer. You don't need to chase the Wall Street bull – risking your assets for small gains. You might get run over in the process. StockSaints wants to empower our readers that help them grab the bull by the horns - taking control of their financial lives.