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Driving For Success in Soccer or Trading

When you have this much drive, passion, and focus, you can't help but win. It doesn't matter if your kicking a ball around the lawn or trading in size, every game has it's rules and when you're not following them, you're losing.

To use a soccer reference, goals aren't made and games aren't won when you're attempting to kick the ball into the opponents goal before your setup is complete. Working, waiting, and having patience to make the shot when you have the best of it is how you win in soccer and when money is made (for you, instead of your counter-party).

When you're entering in trades half-cocked without knowing all the facts and worried you might "miss out", that's when you're in the background chasing the winner.

Never concern yourself with missing out on a trade, and always focus on the ball. The ball being the patience, plan, patience, setup, patience, discipline, patience, study, patience, and execution of the plan. When it comes to trading, the hardest part is not making money, the hardest part for most is sitting on the sidelines until the perfect trade comes along.

Crazy enough, it doesn't matter what time-frame you trade. It could be minute, five minute, 10 minute, hourly, daily, weekly, or longer, most want the trade right now. That feeling you have inside you that pushes you to enter before it's perfect is the same voice that wants to see you lose. Never listen to it. 

Instead, listen to the voice that speaks to you when you're not viewing a live chart of listening to the latest guru (or wanna be guru) telling you how they trade or invest.

Remember. Go slow, and even if you're trading on the minute bars or scalping (does anyone scalp anymore??), it's still a marathon and not a sprint when viewed from the monthly P&L report statements. 

Bring to the table your hard work, discipline, and drive that matches the your inner kid playing soccer at the top of the game and you have a receipe for sucess in anything.




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