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Need To Get There Before You Leave? Tesla Solves It

Tesla's (TSLA) Model S P100D may not be able to actually change your three dimensional space time continuum, but in a fourth dimension, it just might. Motor Trend is reporting the S cracked through the event horizon at a blistering 0 to 60 in 2.275507139 seconds. Motor Trend says it's the fastest production vehicle they've tested to date. Motor Trend isn't reporting the electrons powering the motors are moving faster than the speed of light, and I don't think Tesla is neither, but one has to wonder if this game changing electro-bullet is knocking down more barriers than reported.

As much as I love the Mercedes Benz S600 AMG, and it's fair to say anyone under 100 with a pulse is impressed with the Peter Fonda driving German four-wheel iron horse, the Tesla Model S P100D is a paradigm shift in what is possible. Unlike the Spiders from Europe, this vehicle doesn't have only two doors, one for each of its capacity of people to transport. No, the Model S has four doors, and can pack in five adults plus two kids with real trunk space.

In other words, not only does the world open up to new possibilities for the lucky few who get to drive, or have the car drive them, to where destiny takes them.

Examples include:

Need to get the kids to soccer practice across town and you only have less than five minutes to get there? No worries, take the P100D instead of the Escalade and you'll have time to stop at Starbucks and grab a hot cup of the happy stuff.

You're in the Hamptons trying to enjoy the weekend, but you get "that call" and now need to get downtown in the city. What to do? Drive a 918? You'll never make it in time. Take a helicopter? You'll get close, but the ride from the pad to the office can be dicey. Take the new Model S and you'll have time to pick up something nice for your wife who is less than pleased you're "leaving again???".

Have a strong desire to go back in time to your college days and ....

Range anxiety is all but removed with a 100 kWh battery increasing the range to over 300 miles. Tesla says it's the longest range production electric vehicle by far, and it certainly appears that way. 

It's not the cheapest car you can buy, and even Tesla describes this beast "...P100D Ludicrous is obviously an expensive vehicle...", but I'm not so sure when you consider the value received. What other car can beat every other production car at the drag strip, and then take your family of four and the dog on a 300 mile trip without stopping for gas? One must consider there's the price you pay, and the value you receive. This car delivers on the value.

From an investment point of view, I wouldn't be as quick to buy shares. As I write this, the stock is trading near $260, a price I seriously questioned if investors could receive a reasonable return given the risk.  People have been quick to point out you shouldn't be against Tesla's CEO Musk, and I would agree, but it's not about Musk. Buying stock is about your counter-party, the person either buying your shares, or selling them to you. Always ask yourself what you know that they don't. Regardless if you buying, selling, or selling short, it's a question you always need to ask, or you run the risk of becoming the dumb money.  Money that may be better spent buying a Model S that might be able to break the speed of light, and if not, at least the 2.3 0 to 60 barrier. 



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