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Patience Is Still Needed At Alcoa

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Alcoa (AA) has frustrated investors recently, but it looks as if things are about to change. The company posted revenue of $5.85 billion, enough to beat Street estimates of $5.82 billion.

Remarkably, though, the beat arrived even as sales slipped roughly 2%. Again, I've pointed out in the past that betting on this company requires just as much faith in Alcoa's management as there might be on the prospect of industry recovering. That Alcoa was able exceed sales targets even though Aluminum prices dropped 8% sequentially is no small accomplishment.


Google's Forever The King of Innovation

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Many investor and consumers don't know about Google's (GOOG) secret facility Called Google [x], which is located about a half mile from the corporate headquarters Googleplex in Mountain View, California and is overseen by Sergey Brin, one of the company's co-founders.

If my suspicions are correct, Google [x] won't remain a secret forever as the company is working on some pretty interesting concepts, which can put Google over the top as the king of innovation. Let's take a look at some samples.  

Google Autonomous Driving - One of the first efficient innovation experiments performed by Google [x]. Having driven over 500,000 miles on only two cars so far since the beginning of the experiment, like its search algorithm, the more they accrue, the stronger their database becomes.


Watch Caterpillar's Growth Come from China

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Caterpillar (CAT) wants to eliminate a total of about 2000 jobs, citing slow down in coal, iron ore, gold, copper and oil where its equipment is primarily used. I know this is especially true in the United States with coal where the present administration has been encouraging natural gas use over coal which is cleaner burning. From an environmental standpoint, this is good. So while this administration is in office, I would expect the coal industry in the United States to remain in detention. And this in turn affects Caterpillar’s bottom line.


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