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Lemonade Insurance Leaves Firearm Owners Empty Handed Because it Doesn't Understand

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Lemonade Insurance doesn't understand you can't get a little bit pregnant.

Albeit that's exactly what it appears Lemonade Insurance is trying to do. In its wake will likely result in extreme client frustration for firearm owners who choose to use this carrier. For those 


Majority Of Workers Have Not Taken Basic Retirement Planning Steps

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The retirement crisis is getting worse for the average American as the majority of workers have not taken basic retirement planning steps according to an article from Time. The most recent annual survey data collected from the Employee Benefit Research Institute have noted that many workers have shaky faith in their financial futures and their actual retirement planning is even worse.


Amedica Signs Exclusive Chinese Silicon Nitride Distribution Agreement

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Amedica is pleased to announce a partnership with Shandong Weigao Orthopedic Device Company Limited ("Weigao Orthopedic"), a medical device company in China specializing in the R&D, production and sale of spine, trauma and joint orthopedic implants.

See attachment for a fact sheet on the company.  For more information or to schedule an interview with management, please contact Jesse Moore at (323)489-3261, or


End of the Year Tax Deductions For Traders and Businesses

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Here we are, December 1st, 2015 and we have one month to find last-minute tax deductions. If you're not already thinking of ways to save on your taxes, you better get going.

If you're self employed and don't have employees (including sole proprietorship with earned income, S corporation , and LLCs taxed as S corporation or sole proprietorship), you still have time to create a Solo 401K. As long as you create it by the end of the year, you have options to fund it even into next year. There's lots of rules involved and it goes beyond the scope of this piece, but it's one of the best ways to park money into retirement account if you qualify.


The Original Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies and Why Investing in Index Stocks is Safer

undated picture of Charles Dow in suit wearing a beard circa 1900

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One of the original stock market operators that understood the mechanics of how the market prices stocks was Charles Dow and in his forward-thinking mind, created the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1896.

Charles Dow (pictured here with the beard) understood and illustrated that by creating an index basket of stocks, anyone could get an accurate overall sense of the market and economy at a glance. Over 100 years later, investors, the media, and professionals use market averages to measure the stock market and the performance in relation to their own returns and the economy in general. 

Dow started his famous average with 12 companies that included the following:

American Cotton Oil

American Sugar

American Tobacco

Chicago Gas

Distilling & Cattle Feeding


United States Is Moving Away From Defined Benefit Plans and It Can't Happen Fast Enough

picture of four window washers working high above the street on a skyscraper building. Each hanging by a rope only.

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 I have one word for defined benefit plans -  "Enron", “Detroit”, and "good riddance". Ok, maybe that’s three, or four words, but who’s counting? The fact remains that the current trend of moving away from defined benefit plans is a good thing just about any way you slice it from my seat.

Some may claim that defined benefits encourage loyalty and stability for employees, but that’s only in theory. In practice, the economy changes, businesses fail, and nothing remains the same regardless of how much we want it to. Believing nothing can change during one’s career is filled with much more peril than one can imagine.


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